John (anamacha) wrote,

so here we are again

so here we are again, LJ and I. Due to the efforts of a few well-meaning strangers, I found out that my LJ account was hacked a few days ago, and a bunch of Russian spam was plastered all over it.

Needless to say, I was not pleased. Regardless of the fact that I haven't written in this journal in several years, it's still mine, and I'm not cool with anyone else posting in it, much less anyone else trying to sell their scummy crap. Yes, I translated a few of the posts, and they weren't entirely unlike the stuff that gets diverted to your gmail Spam box.

And after painstakingly removing all of it, I plant my flag in my own journal, and claim it for mine again.

Only I wonder how much time I will have for it, even if I maintain these good intentions to post in it even as little as once a week. I'm writing professionally now, on a freelance basis, getting paid for it — and I'm already doing some pro bono website work for a college buddy of mine who is organizing the Austin Drag Fest 2015. If I had known how much work I was walking into with that one, I would have negotiated more than dinner and drinks!

Regardless, my journal is again mine. And yes, I did remember to change my password :)
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