John (anamacha) wrote,

some notes.

Okay, now that I know I'm not merely peeing in the wind, I'll write a bit more. Like I said I would. More on that later.

Here's some random-ish thoughts to ease me back into the swing of things.

- I recently had a GREAT campout with the men's group I've been working with since last October 2010. There was a lot of boundary-pushing, stepping outside of comfort zones, theraputic work and physical. exertion. omg. I didn't know I could do half the things I did, but I would not have been able to do a quarter of it had I not had lots of help. Very shame inducing! But that's my Roman Catholic upbringing doing the talking, and fie on that.

- I've used that campout as a springboard to better health: I've been drinking lots more water, a little less tea, nearly no sodas, eating better, and so on. Day before yesterday I also started exercising more, which at this point entails walking around my home block -- briskly. I'm calling it my "morning run," which is technically not in the morning nor an actual run, but it's what my knees can take and it makes me feel good to call it that, so that's what I'm calling it. *nod*

- we are paying $RIDICULOUS amounts of money for prescription drugs. And not even fun ones, either.

- Any unschoolers out there? Hints. I needs them :)

- and finally, in the Perhaps-TMI-but-I-hope-a-nurse is-reading-this-so-they-can-comment department: with all the water I am drinking I am peeing LOTS more than normal. It's mostly clear, so I'm hydrated, but it seems to me that even here two weeks after I started, the output far exceeds the input. This bothers me a little.

Speaking of which, gotta go. Peace out.
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